The Whizbang Pocket Seeder

Dateline: 18 February 2018
By: Herrick Kimball

It's a downright handy gardening tool, as my YouTube video explains. And it's a rare garden tool too...

I've had the materials to make 500 of these little pocket seeders for nearly three years. Finally, I've managed to crank out an initial production run of 27 pocket seeders.  That's right... only 27. 

Why so few? Because they're so time consuming to make! Much more so than I anticipated. There is a surprising amount of hand-work in these. That being the case, it may be another three years before I get 27 more made. I sure don't know.

In any event, the first 27 Whizbang Pocket Seeders are available here until they're all sold.

You'll get the seeder, screwdriver, and tube holder, as shown in this next picture...

Click Here to see my YouTube video about this tool.


Update: 1/22/20... 
I have only a few of these still in stock. You can purchase at This Link (click and go). I am also now offering finish-them-yourself pocket seeder kits for a whole lot less money. Details at that link.