A New Minibed Garden in Oklahoma

(click photo to see larger view)

I'm really enjoying the feedback and photos I'm getting this year from gardeners who are now gardening with my Minibed system. Nancy in Oklahoma sent me the above photo last month, along with these comments...

We have four garden plots and have considered your Minibed system for years. Finally, after last year’s most disappointing garden ever, we took the leap in 2019.

No more do we have to weed hours on end, day after day after day or struggle with the guilt of considering chemicals. The minibed system is the real deal and we love it! 
This picture shows one type of tomato, hot chili peppers, x-hot chili peppers, long cucumbers, tiny cukes, and Serrano chilis. Our other plots are each for a different heirloom tomato, herbs, and assorted crops. 


  1. It's interesting how something like this appears (is invented, is discovered; however you want to describe it) and you think: How did we not think of this years ago?! It seems so obvious in hindsight. It surely is a great way for the average home gardener to set up their gardens.

  2. I'm so happy with my minibeds, and would have my garden no other way. It has freed up my time to weed in the row gardens, which I hope in the future will be minibeds also. No kidding. I just about gave up gardening a couple years ago because I was so discouraged over the super abundance of weeds. Minibeds have saved me!

  3. Wow. That's a great looking minibed on plastic garden

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