Minibed Gardening Video Compilation

 Dateline: 1 February 2021

The Minibed gardening system has proven itself over several years of experimentation. I have recently compiled a list of the best YouTube videos about this remarkable system at Planet Whizbang. CLICK HERE to get to the video list.


  1. I'm really enjoying these videos, like they were new. Hard to absorb all the info in one "watching". The first one I watched was about using a solar pyramid to grow potatoes. I'm entering my third year of minibed gardening, and I don't regret the lack of weeding, and the savings on watering. I like my clean, clear paths in-between. I am using 8 solar pyramids (cloches) in my beds, and with sunshine, the temp is between 80-90 degrees F. That's during our mild, mid-forties temperatures for Nov-Dec 2020 into Jan. 2021. I've been harvesting lettuce, spinach, and radishes, and soon cabbage, carrots, and shelling peas. All the effort and having your minibed reports has made all the different in my gardening experience!

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