Mike McKinney's
Excellent Minibed Garden
(in East Central Illinois)

I'm really enjoying the feedback and pictures that are coming in from people who are using the Minibed gardening system. Mike McKinney in Dieterich, Illinois recently sent me the following comments and photos (click on the photos to see larger views)...
Hello Herrick,
I found your channel on you tube early in the spring. So I thought you might be interested in some feed back on your Experimental Mini Bed Gardening system. I have attached some photos of mine that I started this spring.
I have tried many other systems before but I must say I have not seen results like I have with the mini beds.  It is amazing how well  garden plants grow in these mini beds. And what I appreciate the most is no weeding. Or at least very minimal weeding.
Always in the past we would get a week or more of wet weather and the weeds would get out of control and it would be nearly impossible to get ahead of them.  Not a problem with the mini beds.
It was a lot of work to get the plastic laid and secured and build the frames.  But now I think I have as close to a plant and pick system as one could hope for.
So I just wanted to share that I think you really on to something here and I hope others will try it out. 

In another e-mail, Mike wrote the following: 

"I weeded entire garden this am and it took 10 minutes.  Then I pulled the snow peas and prep the mini bed for next crop that took 5 minutes. You gotta love this system."

Many thanks, Mike, for letting me share your pictures and feedback here. It's powerfully inspiring!


  1. Elizabeth L. Johnson said, One reason I don't have to weed my minibeds is because I do very little watering (especially considering how many weeks we get of over one hundred degrees in summer). Most weed seeds can't come up w/o water. So I haven't weeded more than an hour altogether (in 23 minibeds) since the second week of May. But, my plants are thriving--they came up, but not the weeds! Like this system! Mike, your garden is beautiful!