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Dateline: 11 January 2017

Yes, meals like that, straight from our home gardens are coming soon. Very soon!

And I'll soon be firing the engines up on this new web site as the gardening season starts to ramp up here in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State.

This site will chronicle the progress in my 2017 Minibeds-on-Plastic experimental garden. I'm excited about this gardening adventure because it has such potential for successful, long-term productivity. 

78% of the surface area of the 24' x 44' experimental garden will never need weeding. Never. That will free me up to focus my gardening efforts on carefully and properly managing the remaining 22% of the garden, which is divided into 45 equal-size minibeds.

I've been gardening for 41 years and I've experimented with many different gardening ideas. Minibeds-on-Plastic is the most logical and promising garden infrastructure concept I know of. 

I developed the idea after reading the late Thomas E. Doyle's almost forgotten little book, Gardening Without Cultivation, and putting Mr. Doyle's methods to the test in my garden for three years. Mr. Doyle called his gardening system, Plant-and-Pick, and that it was. But it did have a few drawbacks.

Minibeds-on-Plastic is an evolution of thought and gardening experience. It takes the best of Tom Doyle's Plant-and-Pick and improves on it.

Although my Minibeds-on-Plastic gardening system does not yet have the benefit of years of application and observation, each individual component of the system has been proven to work. 

I have no doubt that the combination of these systems will have a synergistic outcome. In other words, I have no doubt that this gardening system, with it's efficiency and productivity, will bring a lot of satisfaction to any home gardener who uses it.

Nevertheless, my Minibeds-on-Plastic experimental garden will be where I put my idea to the test, and it will be an honest test.

My experimental garden will prove my system to be worthwhile... or it will prove otherwise. The successes, and any failures, within the system will come to light as the 2017 gardening year progresses, and beyond.

My garden studies with Minibeds-on-Plastic will continue as long as the garden infrastructure remains viable. I expect that to be three to five years. With that in mind, I have bought and paid for 5 years of the domain name:

[More text to come. this site is still under construction.] 

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