Report #1

This 27-Page report is packed with foundational details about my Minibeds-on-Plastic gardening system, and gardening in general. I think you'll be surprised and pleased with all the interesting and beneficial insights. 

Update 11 February 2018: The first growing season with the minibeds-on-plastic experimental garden was a resounding success. I have now combined this first-year report with my new 70-page 2018 report. Click Here for details.


  1. But Herrick
    What is gardening without weeding. Remember the sweat of the brow saying.
    By the way, have you seen the fall edition of Mother Earth. In Barbara Pleasant's article there is an artist drawing of a farm scene with a Whizbang garden cart in the foreground. You are indeed making your mark in the agrarian scene.
    Thank you for your commentary. Your blogs and comments are indeed like friends gathered for fellowship.

  2. Hi Jim,

    I experienced "sweat of the brow" fighting weeds when I laid out the plastic and set up the Minibeds-on-Plastic garden infrastructure. It was a preemptive attack. Now, with that work done, my gardening on that section of land should be a little taste of heaven on earth.

    There are good metaphors in all of this. :-)

    I'll have to find that issue of Mother Earth. I subscribe, but missed the picture. There was another article in that magazine maybe a year ago with a drawing of the Whizbang cart in a garden scene. The thought occurred to me that one of the already-made garden cart advertisers might complain when they saw my cart design in an article. After all, it's a very expensive magazine to advertise in. But only a few (special) people would realize the picture shows a Whizbang cart. My ideas don't get the spotlight marketing exposure like so many others.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I have been enjoying your Upland blog since it came out. Thank you for sharing your insights on gardening - and more. Thanks, too, for the free download of the Minibeds-on-Plastic Report #1. Free! Thank you. I will soon be ordering the Full Report, as well.

    Joyce in Michigan