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Minibed Gardening Report #2
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Dateline: 9 February 2018

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This new 70-page pdf report (with 100 minibed gardening photos!) picks up where  Report #1 (from 2017) leaves off. My first Report explained the history and theory behind my Minibeds-on-Plastic gardening system. This new report expands on some of the foundational logic, then provides plenty of practical, hands-on details.

In short, my first-year Minibed experimental garden (in 2017) was a very satisfying and productive experience, as well as a learning experience. You'll learn the lessons I learned in this new report.

This 2018 Minibed Gardening Report has 106 topic-specific "Bits," which are like mini chapters. First, I evaluate the status of the plastic mulch and other components of my now-one-year-old experimental garden. Then I delve into the question of whether or not black plastic mulch is safe to use in an organic garden. 

I tell you about Will Bonsall's "cover-the-earth" phenomenon, and the 1876 farming book where he learned about it. I expand on the importance of healthy soil biology for gardening success, and how to properly care for your "microherd."

I discuss the cover crops I used in my 2017 experimental garden, and the specific fertilizers I use (including minibed dosages). I tell you about the organic approved, bioinsecticide I used (my first insect spray in nearly 40 years of gardening). 

I provide a 4-part lesson about hybrid seeds, and explain the legitimate reasons why some people hate hybrid seeds. But I also clear up some widespread misconceptions about hybrids, and tell why I love hybrid seeds (but I love non-hybrids too!).

I explain my routine for between-crop bed prep, minibed hoop cloches, corner planting, template planting, circle planting, catproofing, seed-starting, transplanting, and "undercover mulching." 

And, of course, I provide detailed information (with photos) about planting schemes, and results for numerous vegetables, including...

Tomatoes, onions (potato, pearl, and storage), bush beans, peppers, cabbage, ground cherry, melons, celery, broccoli, Brussel's sprouts, cucumbers, summer squash (yellow and zucchini), New Zealand spinach, beets, carrots, parsley, garlic, strawberries, watermelon radishes, and potatoes.

And there's more, but you get the idea—in short, this Minibed Gardening Report is crammed with useful information. I like to think of it as the equivalent of a visit to my Minibed garden. I tell you what I've been doing, and why. I give you my informed opinions, and I share my future plans. All of it is geared to helping you be a more intelligent and successful home gardener.

This new 2018 pdf report is priced at $9.95. For the month of February 2018, I am making it available here (to people who have already purchased Report #1) for only $5.95.

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